How to overcome rejection sensitivity

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to overcome rejection sensitivity

Why do you sometimes become really sensitive to rejection?
Why certain critical comments affect you badly while others don't?
How to overcome rejection sensitivity?

Because many people don't care much about the emotions of others its quite common that you receive some harsh criticism from time to time even if the intention of the person who criticized you was good.

Its also quite common that you face rejections in your career, social life and your relationships with the other sex.

So If criticism and rejection are unavoidable then how can someone overcome rejection sensitivity?

What causes rejection sensitivity

Before you can know how to overcome rejection sensitivity you need to know first what causes it.

What causes rejection sensitivity?

  • 1) Being needy: The more in need of a certain resource you are the more you will be sensitive to rejection. If someone wants to eat an apple then found no apples he might not feel that bad because he can eat an orange but if someone badly wants a certain job then certainly a rejection letter will affect him in a bad way (see Unmet needs psychology)
  • 2) Acknowledging the rejection: In my article how to overcome rejection from anyone i said that one of the main reasons that make people feel bad after rejections is believing the person who rejected them. If someone told you that you are no good (by rejecting you) and then you believed him you will certainly feel bad
  • 3) Having no other options: Another reason that can make you very sensitive to rejection is having no other options. The business man who has 5 businesses will feel bad if one business failed but he wont feel as bad a business man who had only one business that failed
  • 4) The rejection touched an emotional wound: One very popular reason that lets people become sensitive to rejection is the presence of emotional wounds. If a guy has a self image problem (dislikes his looks) then most probably he will become sensitive to rejection from the other sex because he will always believe that he was rejected because of his looks (see Dealing with self image issues)

Overcoming rejection sensitivity

So how can you overcome rejection sensitivity?

here is what you need to do:

  1. Heal your emotional wounds: The less emotional wounds you have the less sensitive to rejection you will become
  2. Always find other options: This might seem harder than it sounds and that's right. In order to be able to always find options you need to learn how to stop being helpless and how to be unstoppable. check the links for more information
  3. Never acknowledge a rejection: If someone rejected you then tell him that he is wrong by being persistent, by working hard and proving him wrong even if you did it years later. One of the main reasons people become sensitive to rejections is that they believe the person who rejects them (see Popular people who were rejected earlier in their lives)

Follow these advice and you will become much less sensitive to rejections.

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