How to get over rejection

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to get over rejection

How to get over a rejection??
How can you move on after people make fun of you?
How can you keep your dreams even if everyone in the world is against you?

Today i consider myself financially successful and even though i managed to do that in a short period of time i faced numerous rejections from everyone i ever knew to the extent that i thought about giving up many times along the way.

The key to getting over rejection is to not learn how to not get affected by it ,because for any normal human being rejection will always have a bitter taste, but its learning how to keep going even though people are rejecting you.

In this article i will tell you a short story that let you know how to get over rejection.

Getting over rejection, a true story

2007: I still remember that horrible day where i faced one of the worst rejections ever. 2knowmyself was just a new website but i had lots of high hopes for it. That day the Person called C.B (his initials)) sent me one of the most sarcastic emails i ever got in my life. The guy asked me "who are you" in such a way that meant "who the **** are you to claim that your website is worthy".

At that point i didn't have anything to defend myself with in the face of such rejection. The man who happened to work at wikipedia removed my links from wikipedia and banned 2knowmyself's links. At this point i started recalling all the rejections i faced earlier from friends and the warnings people gave me about spending a lot of time working on a website that might bring me nothing.

At this point i wanted eagerly to get over this rejection but i didn't know how to do it and then all of a sudden i decided to save the Email address of Mr C.b and to achieve great success so that one day i can send him a mail reminding him of the great mistake he did when he didn't believe in me.

Honestly in the face of such a rejection i was about to lose faith in myself and i even though of not continuing but something inside me told me to keep going.

People who reject you know nothing

Few years later (in 2011):I sent Mr C.B this email

Dear Mr C,
Few years ago you sent me an inquiry that was very rude and aggressive asking me who I am and who was behind 2knowmyself, at the time you sent the mail I was beginning from scratch and I couldn’t reply saying anything except that I believe that one day this website will be popular

Today, I am a self made millionaire because of that website you made fun of few years ago :)
Most probably I am making multiples of your salary every month
Today this website is widely recognized all over the world ,
It’s one of the top 100K websites on the internet according to Alexa
My Name has became a popular Google search keyword (M.Farouk Radwan)
Today 2knowmyself gets above 600,000 Page views per month from all around the world
Many Celebrities you look up to visit this website often and learn from it
This website has got 16,000,000 page views so far and
has taught millions of people how to deal with life problems and to how handle the rejections of people who attack them the rude way you did to me few years ago

This is me, Farouk, The one behind that website

Now its my turn to ask you C :)

Who are you?
What did you accomplish in life?
And How do you feel right now :)

End of the Email :)

This is how to get over rejection

up till today Mr C.B didn't even reply and i don't blame him ;) If i were in his shoes i wouldn't have found anything to say. So what's the morale of this story??

C.b wasn't the only person who rejected me but he was one of the hundreds who did it but i remember his name because he was one of the rudest people who rejected me.

On your way to success you will meet tens or hundreds of C.Bs who will reject you and who will try to put you down.

The only way to get over such rejection is to believe in yourself and keep going while promising yourself that you will prove them wrong one day.

Did you lose faith in your skills right after one C.B rejected you?
Did you gave up a big dream right after a C.B managed to put you down??

What would happen if i stopped working on 2knowmyself after a C.B rejected my dream?
I wouldn't have became a self made millionaire at a very young age!! and you wouldn't have been reading this article now.

Do you really want to know how to get over rejection?
Let me tell you what i do now when someone rejects me. I simply tell him this story then warn him "I am going to make you the next C.B few years later"

Whenever you face a C.B who rejects you badly warn him that one day you will make him look like a fool. He might not believe you at this point but if you said it confidently you will shake his own confidence badly and he might decide to believe in you.

Even if he didn't believe you few years later you will have the last laugh if you believed in yourself.

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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