How to make someone believe you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make someone believe you

In my Previous Article how to make people believe you I explained various ways that can help you convince someone to believe you. Few days ago while watching television I came across a program that is similar to candid camera but the only difference is that they were interviewing a famous star then playing a game by telling him that he was unsuccessful and by bringing people who say the same thing.

At the beginning of the show confident stars start laughing at the interviewer's words but when phone calls start coming in from people who keep confirming the same facts the interviewer were saying the confidence of the star is shaken.

Some stars remained confident till the end until a reportage was introduced to them that included several randomly selected people who confirmed the same facts (that the star was unloved and unsuccessful), at this point the star's confidence was shaken.

Almost 90% of the stars introduced felt really bad at the end of the show and believed the lie even though they were really famous!!

Shake people’s confidence and they will believe you

Those famous stars already knew that they were famous, popular and loved yet most of them were convinced to believe in the opposite in a matter of 20 minutes!!

This brings us to some very important conclusions about convincing people:

  • Any belief can be shaken: Even if the belief held is so strong still it can be shaken provided that the right method is used
  • Strong beliefs have weak points: When elite stars were interviewed in the show they didn’t feel as bad as other people because they had strong beliefs in themselves however when they were faced with some of the few unsuccessful movies they acted in their confidence was shaken too. Even if a girl is ultimately beautiful she can still be convinced that she is not beautiful by comparing her most unattractive feature to a celebrity (her nose for example), in short strong beliefs have weak points.
  • Social proof is extremely powerful: Most stars started to verbally attack the interviewer and make fun of him after realizing that the problem was with him not with them but when his words were supported by random people they started to believe in his words. Social proof is the use of social pressure to convince someone to do something or to believe in something, for more information see social proof theory.
  • When the idea is reaffirmed by multiple sources it becomes more believable: The interviewer, the people who called, the audience who were in the studio and the recorded reportage were different sources that supported the same idea and that’s why it became so powerful and believable by the star

Using these facts to convince someone to believe you

First I am assuming that you are telling the truth and that you are having a hard time convincing someone with something that is true.

As you saw you can easily shake someone’s existing beliefs by providing enough evidence, sounding extremely confident, repeating your ideas and by using social proof.

You don’t have to provide a logical argument as long as you can collect three friends who can support you. Keep saying the same things and repeat them over and over on different days and different occasions and you will make people believe you.

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