When should i give up on him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

when should i give up on him

When should i give up on him?
When should i give up on love?
Until when should i keep trying to reach the person i love?

These are very common questions that people ask often and that's why i decided to answer them in this article. Note that this article, like all my other articles, is not based on my personal opinion but on solid facts and research findings.

Answering these questions might be hard if you have no idea about the psychology of love but once you do you will be able to know exactly when you should give up on someone and when you should continue.

Note that the use of the word him doesn't mean that this article is written for females but i used that expression because its pretty popular. The aim of the information in this article is to help you know when you should give up on a person whether he was a male or female.

Should i give up on love?

If you read my article should i give up on a dream you will understand that giving up is not one of the words in my dictionary nor it should be a one in yours.

However, sometimes you might need to give up a certain road in order to reach your destination faster. This is analogues to giving up on an unhealthy relationship in order to find a better relationship that makes you happy.

After all your goal is to be happy and so by giving up on a certain relationship you are not giving up on your main goal but you are just trying to find another way to reach your same final goal.

When you should give up on him

You should give up on a person when if the following happened:

  • You discovered that you don't match his criteria In the psychology of love section i explained how people fall in love with those who meet a list present in their minds called the subconscious criteria. While you can always manipulate the way others perceive you and so become a better match for their subconscious criteria still sometimes you won't be able to change this criteria if it was related to something that cannot be changed like looks. For example, If someone is only attracted to blonds and if this is hard coded into his mind then you should give up on him if you were not blond. I know this sounds like a superficial example but in fact sometimes the subconscious criteria is hard coded into the person's mind to the extent that it sometimes can't be changed unless a major life event happens
  • How to to know if someone likes you: Certainly knowing whether someone likes you or not will help you know whether you should give up on him or not. In this article you can learn how to know if someone likes you. Note that you shouldn't give up on the person if you didn't find these signs in the early stages of the relationship but instead you need to test their presence after you have done some effort
  • Giving up after you know that he is not interested While this sounds pretty logical still most people never manage to get over a person even when they discover that he likes someone else or that he is not interested in them. I am not only going to advice you to give up on that person at this point but i am actually going to tell you how to do it. Here is how to get over any person in no time. In order to save your time its important to expedite the process by finding a quick way to know about the person's emotions towards you so that you know whether you should give up on him or not
  • Giving up on love and false beliefs about love: In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how the main reason that prevents people from giving up on a person is believing that he was the one. Once you discover that the soul mate concept is a myth you will easily be able to get over that person in no time. (see Do soul mates really exist?)

Don't give up on a person before reading this

Don't get me wrong. You should never give up on a person before you try to make him fall in love with you, do your best to show him that you are his best match and spend a considerable amount of time trying to get him.

However if all of this didn't work, if the person responded with rejection or he you found that he likes someone else then giving up on him is the right choice.

Giving up on a person doesn't mean that you are weak but it only means that you know that you can find a better person who can make you happier.

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