Repetition and programming the subconscious mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Repetition and the subconscious mind:

One of the rules the subconscious mind follows is that the beliefs it holds grow stronger by repetition.

Repetition can take various forms such as reading the belief, listening to it or visualizing it. Suppose that you bought a new shirt then a friend of yours told you that it looks good. What will happen if Later on another friend told you the same thing? The belief that the shirt is nice will grow stronger (unless something inside you resists it).

Another form of repetition is advising your friends:

Don’t be surprised, one of the strongest forms of repetition is advising your friends. Take religion for example, when you advise your friends to pray then you are actually advising yourself too as a result of hearing yourself repeating those beliefs!! The subconscious mind does not know the difference between someone repeating the idea or you repeating it.

So by advising a friend you are actually reinforcing the belief or the idea in your mind. This concept goes for emotions too. If you're trying to motivate someone, then you are actually motivating yourself too without noticing. The only case where this can't be properly applied is when you are not sure of your own beliefs.

Repetition and making someone love you

Repetition can result in making someone fall in love with you!! In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people only fall in love with potential partners they come in contact with often.

That's why people usually have problems with long distance relationships. When people see each other more often they become more programmed to like each other and they become more attached to each other.

final words

That’s why many religions consider rereading their Holy Book a good deed. All the ideas in the Holy Book will be reinforced in your mind more and more as you keep reading.

If you want to strengthen an idea or a belief, repeat it more and more; talk about it to everybody, the more you talk about it, the stronger you will believe in it.

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