How to challenge life problems and solve them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to challenge life problems and solve them

Few month ago i was diagnosed with a bulging disc problem in my lower back. Because exercising is extremely important for me i felt extreemly bad after i heard this bad news.

One of the doctors told me that i should give up on weight lifting. When i told him that exercising is extreemly important for me he told me to give up on 90% of the exercises i do and to focus on 10%.

From a medical point of view this seemed like a good advice but from a real life point of view this was total nonsense! you can't ask someone who loves something to give up on it in a second without even asking him to do try to do something about it.

So what does this has to do with solving life problems?

This is how to challenge life problems

Right after i received this bad news i started searching the web for ways to deal with such a problem and then i discovered that some of the famous athletes already have a disc problem as well!

The more i read the more i came closer to tips that helped me regain my emotional and physcial strength until i got back to the gym.

Giving up on hearing bad news seems to be the option that most people prefer and since life always gives people what they deserve on the long term the ones who chose to give up are always rewarded with sadness and depression. (see How to make life fair to you)

After i returned back to the gym , i made the following video to send one message to people: Don't ever let anything stop you. See it before you continue reading, note that both me and the guy with me in the video, Tarek Shaaban, have the same injury:

The right way to solve life problems

Don't get the message in the video incorrectly. The video is trying to let you become aware of the fact that getting proper education about the kind of problem you are facing will certainly help you solve it.

I am not asking you to do risky things just because you can't figure out the right thing to do but instead i am asking you to educate yourself so that this risky thing becomes safe! (see also How persistence leads to success)

If you tried investing money in the stock market without knowing anything about it just because you need money then there is a great possibility that you will fail.

On the other hand if you studied economy, business, finance..etc then your chance of succeeding will become much higher. In short, if you want to solve a tough problem then educate yourself about it first and Refuse to believe the people who tell you that your problem has no solution for there is no problem that cannot be solved.

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