how to get rid of bad emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get rid of bad emotions

Is there a way out there that can help a person get rid of all of his bad emotions?
Can someone end depression, sadness and bad moods by taking a certain action?

Yes there is a way!
Lets suppose that you were walking with a friend in a dark dangerous street and lets assume that your friend was the only one who knew the way back to your town. What will that friend do if he saw you taking a wrong turn or moving in a wrong direction?

He will warn you, shout at you or even grab you by hand if needed. Now this is the same exactly that happens with your subconscious mind which acts like that friend.

whenever your subconscious mind finds you moving in the wrong direction it will send you bad emotions! and it will not withdraw them until you change your direction.

The right road and the wrong emotions

If your major concern in life was getting your bills paid then doing any other action apart from trying to find a way to pay those bills will very likely lead to bad emotions.

Your subconscious mind will always want to see you moving in the direction that can help you solve your major unsolved problems. That's why the woman who dislikes the fact that she is single won't feel good if she stayed at home.

Her mind in such a case knows that she will never meet a new person at home and that's why it makes her feel bored when she stays there. In short, bad emotions are there to put you on the right road!

Why do people keep feeling bad?

Because they do everything but move in the right road!
The guy who is loaded with bills starts to drink in order to forget about them!
The girl who is sad because she is single tries to keep herself busy through work!
The man who wants to be rich tries to convince himself that rich people are bad!
The woman who always wanted to start her own business procrastinates because she is afraid to take the step.

People keep themselves busy by doing things that appear more important such as work or studying while ignoring the fact that the most important task they should do is the one that helps them meet their important unmet needs and not the one that the society considers important. (see Unmet needs psychology)

you can't just ignore your most important issues just because everyone believes that work is more important. If you think that way then don't come and wonder why you are feeling bad.

Your subconscious mind doesn't care about work, your society or the whole world, it only cares about satisfying its most important unmet needs and that's why the more you ignore them the worse you will feel.

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