Why cant i quit drinking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why cant i quit drinking

The reason you can't quit drinking or any other bad habit is that you never tackled the root cause behind it yet.

According to individual psychology people develop certain goals during their early years then change all of their behaviors to reach these goals. Drinking or any other bad habit could be serving you an important purpose and that's why you might not be able to quit it.

In this article i won't just tell you why can't you quit drinking but i will also tell you why you are still doing certain bad habits that you eagerly want to quit.

Why can't she quit drinking?

Sue (not a real name) always heard her father complain about not having any boys born. The girl who only had sisters but not brothers started to believe that being a girl makes her less worthy. When that girl grew up she hated the fact that she is a girl and then she started becoming a tom boy where she learned how to drink.

Sue had a tough time trying to quit drinking but she never managed to do it. Sue never understood that drinking represented an important part of her rebellious identity against her feminine rule. (see Masculine protest)

Had she understood the reason she is attached to drinking she might have found it easier to quit. In short, we unconsciously try to get closer to our important goals or identities and that's why we might find ourselves stuck doing certain undesired behavior.

How can you quit drinking?

This story might have not been related to you at all but the reason i said it is that your own story will based on the same exact concept.

In The ultimate guide to breaking bad habits i said that Some people fail to quit drinking because it helps them escape from their life problems.

A man who doubts his ability to succeed in his career might become a chronic drinker. This behavior will prevent him from waking up to work each morning and so he will achieve the goal of never testing his real abilities at work!!

You won't be able to quit drinking or any other bad habit before you know exactly why you are doing it.

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