Tomboy psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tomboy psychology

A tomboy is a girl who acts like guys, who prefers guy's toys and who is usually more physically active than most girls.

But what is the psychology of a tomboy? and why would a girl hate pink and prefer football over other sports?

There is no doubt that the way women are treated make them feel inferior to men. If you don't agree then just recall the last joke you passed about women and you will get what i am talking about.

when the culture degrades the role of women compared to men more girls feel like becoming tomboys. According to psychology tomboys are females who hate the female role and who want to stay as far from it as they can.

in this article i will tell you about Tomboys psychology

The Culture and the psychology of tomboys

Remember the last time you said to a friend "be a man" when you wanted him to be brave?
By saying so you are actually telling him to be brave like a man and not a coward like a woman.

now if a woman heard you saying that then most probably her subconscious mind will store this piece of information and might make her think that women are inferior to men.

But does the culture alone result in the creation of tomboys?
no there is a more powerful factor that affects a girl's psychological makeup and thus her desire to become a tomboy which is parenting.

If a parent always complained even in an indirect way about not having a boy then the girl will feel that girls are worthless and she might become a tomboy.

If a father of an only girl felt so bad on the birth of another girl then there is a big possibility that the girl who was conscious at that time will become a tomboy.

The psychological makeup of tomboys

What is the psychological makeup of tomboys? and how do they think?

I have said earlier that when you find someone running fast in one direction then you can conclude that he doesn't want to be in the opposite direction. A girl who is trying to act like a guy is a girl who hates being a girl.

Anything that would remind the tomboy of her feminine nature will be unpleasant. That's why many tomboys love to wear black, prefer jeans to skirts, have guy friends, love gadgets and hate marriage.

Some tomboys turn into lesbians just to escape from the feminine role forever.

The famous psychologist Alfred Adler called tomboys girls going through masculine protest.

This describes their psychology perfectly because tomboys are girls who are protesting against their gender because they were made to believe that its an inferior one.

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