Why do women feel insecure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do women feel insecure

Why do women feel insecure?
Of course not all women feel insecure but a large number of women feel insecure and inferior to men. In order to understand why this happens i must first quickly explain the concept of inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex happens when the child finds himself weak, defective or different while in the same he finds that people reaffirm that he is different in a bad way. As a result the child grows up feeling insecure. So if women were raised in an environment that made them feel that they are different in a bad way then they will grow up feeling insecure.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that a child with a disability growing in a very supportive environment might not develop insecurities at all while a black child growing in a discriminating environment might grow up feeling inferior.

So why do some women feel insecure?

The reason behind the insecurity feelings of women

As soon as a woman is born she is taught directly and indirectly that she is inferior to men which results in making her feel insecure. A quick example would be the jokes that are told about women that carry the same message which is that women are inferior.

Women are also taught that men are the ones who are destined to carry out the important and worthy tasks thus elevating their feelings of insecurity.

A research has shown that both girls and boys excel at math at a young age but later on when both grow up girls start to do worse at math, not because their brains weakened but because they were taught indirectly that they should care about other things other than success because that task should be left to the man.

Now back to the concept of inferiority, its clear now that women in most cases are taught that they are different in bad way and are also being reminded of this difference all the time.

All of these factors together result in letting women develop feelings of insecurity and inferiority to men.

How can we assist in reducing the insecurity feelings of women

Everyone of us has played a role either directly or indirectly in telling women that they are inferior.

By saying a certain remark, marketing a certain idea or even forwarding a little joke we are teaching women that they are inferior and making them feel insecure. For example, the man who gets annoyed when he gives birth to a girl is sending an indirect message to his wife and all the females surrounding him including his other children that women are unpleasant beings. This is also the reason why some girls turn into tomboys or girls who act like guys.

Men should treat women with respect and avoid the previous mistakes mentioned so that women grow up in a healthy environment without developing such insecurities.

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