Why are there gay people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are there gay people

Based on the numerous requests i got i decided to write an article that explains the psychology behind homosexuality.

Of course one article won't be enough to cover that big topic but hopefully after reading this article you will get a better understanding of the phenomenon.

Of course I won't mention all possible reasons that could make a person become gay in this article but i will give you some examples that would help you get a better idea about the psychology of homosexuality.

Why are there homosexuals?

The following are some examples that explains why are there gay people:

  • Being dissatisfied with the sexual role: Some women were raised in certain conditions made them believe that being women makes them inferior. In such a case those women do their best to avoid everything that reminds them of the fact that they are women in order to escape from this inferiority they feel. In such a case, being in a relationship with a man, getting married or giving birth are all reminders of their own inferior role and thus they escape to homosexuality
  • Protection of the ego: Some men become gay in order to protect their egos from being hurt. They might have experienced severe dissatisfaction in their previous relationships with women or they might have experienced rejection before they even got into a relationship, in such a case it hurts the ego less to admit that they are gays than to admit that they failed or were rejected
  • Unconscious Fear of the other sex: As the result of poor past experience some people developed intense fear of the other sex that resulted in making them feel uncomfortable around them. In such a case those people unconsciously decide to stay in their comfort zone and so they become gays
  • Unconscious escapement from responsibilities: Some men and women who can't handle the responsibility of their sexual role become gay in order to provide a good excuse for themselves to escape. A man who plays the female role can now escape many of the duties of men while protecting his ego.
  • Fear of rejection: Being homosexual is still considered a weird phenomenon to most straight people and this makes the rejection gay people get hurt less. After all it hurts less to say i was rejected because the other person was straight rather than to say i was rejected because i was defective. So homosexuality can be a method the subconscious mind uses to protect the person from the bad feelings that result from rejection
  • Should we blame genetics?: Blaming genetics for being gay is the same as blaming the unfairness of life when you fail to reach a certain goal. Its hurts the ego less to say i was born that way than to say i failed to live up to my sexual role and to face the different life challenges i faced

Protecting your Ego from these facts

One of the most common things that happen during treatment is that patients try to devalue their therapist and prove him wrong in order to protect the virtual world they have built from collapsing.

It hurts less now to claim that this article contains false information than to admit that you were safeguarding your ego by building a virtual set of beliefs.

The first step in getting rid of a behavior that you dislike is to be brave enough to unfold the safeguarding fictional beliefs you were using to protect your Ego, only then will you will be able to change that behavior.

Cmon, send me that Angry Email now

Did you feel like sending me an angry Email now?
Its because a part of you is refusing to believe those facts. What would i gain if i said that people aren't born gay? Nothing.

In fact i could have avoided writing this article to please my visitors (since some of them might be gay) but am not that kind of people pleaser and id rather tell someone the truth and as a result lose a sale or two than lie to him to earn few dollars.

The question you should ask yourself is, why did you become angry after reading that? Its because a part inside you is refusing to admit the truth.

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