Masculine protest alfred adler's theory

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

masculine protest Alfred Adler's theory

What is the definition of a masculine protest?

Alfred Adler ,the great psychologist, said that some girls start hating their role as women because of how the society devalues the role of a woman. Today its very common to find jokes about women , to find men being prepared to do the important tasks and to even find a guy telling his friend to be "a man" when he does something wrong.

All of these factors combined in addition to many others force some women to try to act like men or to develop what's called the Masculine protest.

In this article i will tell you about the masculine protest according to Alfred Adler.

Masculine protest according to Alfred Adler

A girl who develops a masculine protest starts acting like guys since early childhood. All of a sudden she starts to prefer guy friends, she plays with their toys and even get involved into guy sports such as soccer or football.

Our society knows another famous name for the masculine protest which is a tom boy. All tom boys or girls who act like guys are going through a masculine protest according to alder.

As a result of the continues devaluation of the female role many women start to feel inferior to men. A small group of those women decide to act like men or to develop a masculine protest in order to feel superior once again and to escape from the inferiority feelings.

More about the Masculine protest

Alfred adler said that Parents who show either directly or indirectly that they wanted a boy instead of the girl they got are among the major factors that leads to the development of a masculine protest.

The more the girl hates being among the weaker sex (according to what she learned) the more likely she is to develop a masculine protest.

Some of these women may even refuse to get married because that reminds them of their feminine rule. It's so hard to escape from that rule for 20 or thirty years then suddenly admit it by deciding to get married to a man.

According to Alfred adler Some but not all of the women who develop a masculine protest turn into lesbians in order to continue escaping from that feminine rule for the longest period possible.

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