Why do many women fear men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do many women fear men

Why do many women fear men?
I don't claim that the majority of women fear men but there is at least a large number of women who don't just fear men but who also feel inferior to them.

A great percentage of our fears result from the feelings of inferiority, if a women felt inferior to men in a way or another then she will always feel threatened in their presence and so she will fear them.

So we can conclude that so many women fear men because they feel inferior to them and now the question is why do so many women fear inferior to men?

The reason why many women fear men and feel inferior to them

In my Inferiority complex article i explained that inferiority happens when a person is taught that he is defective in a way that is not acceptable by the society.

If a woman was taught that being a woman makes her inferior to men then she might develop inferiority complex and start fearing men.

You might be wondering how women are taught that they are inferior to men? Just look around you and you will find jokes about women, people who teach women that they should leave the important tasks to men and a culture that worships men's masculinity.

If you are a guy then am sure that you have said even once in your life to a friend to "be a man" when he was afraid. By saying so you were indirectly saying that men are better than women and that women are inferior to men.

Such remarks even if they were indirect find their way to the subconscious mind of women and so result in making them fear men.

How can women get over the fear of men?

First of all the society must stop reinforcing the culture of the inferiority of women.
That's something that we all should take part of.

The second thing is that women must learn more about these facts so that they can target the root cause of their fear of men instead of chasing wrong ones. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the only way to deal with a fear correctly is to understand the underlying reasons behind it.

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