how to attract positive energy in negative situations

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How energy gets transferred between people

Haven't you noticed that when you listen to a motivational speaker talking you feel more energetic?

Ever listened to a song that Gave you a mood boost?
Do you remember the last time you got motivated after someone gave you a short positive speech?

Energy gets transferred between people all the time. If a depressed person came and sat near by you then you might experience a bad mood even if that person didn't even talk.

Each thought that comes to a person's mind affects the atoms of his surroundings and that's how energy gets transferred between people and objects.

Even places have energies. I bet you once entered a place then suddenly felt bad out of no reason. This place had bad energy which came from the negative thoughts that many people had when they were there.

People in stressful queues usually get lots of negative thoughts, these negative thoughts are no more than chemical reactions taking place inside the brain.

These chemical reactions release heat which forces the atoms of their surroundings to vibrate in a negative way and as a result you might feel bad as soon as you stand in the queue without knowing why.

How can you attract positive energy?

Life is full of negativity and during these negative times we become badly in need of any positive thought.

Here is what you can do in a negative situation to feel more positive:

  • 1) Back your positivity by solid actions: I want you to use all the positive thinking techniques in the world right before an important exam and see if you can succeed without studying. Of course this will never work. Your subconscious mind is like a separate person who watches you from a distance, If it found you taking serious actions it will help you with positive energy and if the opposite happened it will make you feel bad. In order for the subconscious mind to give you positive energy it must find you doing your best
  • 2) Use external positive energy sources: Read an encouraging book, listen to a motivating song or even watch an inspirational movie. When you get exposed to a dose of positivity your energy will rise and you will become much more motivated to move forward. The more you get exposed to positive media the more will positive thoughts become a normal part of your thinking process
  • 3) Fix your posture and body language: Studies found that your posture and body language can have a direct effect on your energy levels. Actually when you move a hand or a leg you are changing the energy levels of your body. Folding your arms, crossing your legs or curving your back are all gestures that increase the negative energy in your body. On the other hand, standing tall, stretching your shoulders,clasping your hands in front of your stomach and putting one leg over the other will increase the positive energy in your body. For more information check the body language section

Why do i lose the positive energy i get after sometime?

Many people wonder why do they get energetic as soon as they get exposed to a positive energy source ,such as a motivational speech, then feel down few days if not hours later.

I want you to think of your positive energy as if its a mobile battery that needs charging every now and then. If you only get exposed to a positive energy dose once a month then don't expect yourself to be self motivated all the time.

Just like a battery needs charging every few days your energy levels need to get charged as well. Exposing yourself to positive media shouldn't just be something that you do once every few weeks but it must become a habit such as brushing your teeth. Only then the positive energy you acquire won't run out.

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