How to face negativity during down times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to face negativity during down times

When everything in your life is going fine you will usually have no problems with negativity because of two reasons, the first is that negative people won't affect you that much because of your good mood and the second is that you are less likely to attract negative people while you are already positive.

But what about down times?
What about the times where you feel down and even talk in a negative way?
How to deal with negativity in such a case?

six days ago i was diagnosed with a serious problem in my lower back and as a result some doctors asked me to give up on exercising. Since then the number of negative people i met were more than the number of positive ones.

Because i experienced that myself i decided to write an article to tell you how to push away negativity during such tough times.

This is why you encounter more negativity during down times

The one fact that you might not be aware of is that you are responsible for a great deal of the negativity you come across! In fact you do attract it!

Here is how you do it without noticing:

  • 1) You control the thoughts of others: I want you to try this simple experiment. Find a certain topic that concerns a friend of yours then keep talking negatively about it in front of him and see the result yourself. Most probably you will find your friend talking in a negative way as well. The human mind can be controlled easily, once you put a person in a certain mood or trigger his thoughts into a certain direction he will continue going in it on his own and without further intervention. Whenever i told a person that i will heal that back problem no matter what he responded in a much more positive way. This happened because i attracted the positive part out of them by being positive myself
  • 2) You talk to the wrong people: Some people should be avoided completely. In other words, you should never ever talk about your problems in front of them. A friend of mine told me that this back issue is a life time disability! When i made enough research on the internet i found that he was not informed enough and that it can heal in 6 weeks in some cases. Certainly if you have such a friend then you should never involve him into such conversations. I have another extreemly pessimistic friend who kept messaging after he knew i was injured because of wanting to give me some advice as he said in his message. Simply, i didn't answer!!
  • 3) Challenge the world!: When hearing bad news you have two options, the first is to accept it and declare defeat while the second is to challenge it. Some people told me that this condition can take a very long time to heal but i challenged them with facts. I spent days on the internet until i came up with credible information that stated that this condition could be healed in a 6 week period provided that you do superior effort. In 2 hours i have another meeting with another doctor, this is what i intend to tell her "Doctor, i am not your normal patient so don't give me the usual response. If only 1 percent of the population manage to heal that thing then i will be among them and if no one has ever healed from it then i will be the first one to do it so that i can give hope to those who have it". (see also How to make life fair to you)
  • 4) Once you find a positive source stick to it: When a close friend knew i had a mild disc bulge he called me and told me that 3 years ago he had the same exact condition and that it healed completely, as was seen in the MRI, in 6 weeks. Voila, i just found a positive person whose positivity is based on real life experience. Whenever someone accidentally gives me bad news i call that friend hear his story again and feel quit good
  • 5) You don't have enough knowledge: The less you know the more will negativity affect you. Its much easier to make a person who knows little anxious than to make a well informed person anxious. In 2003 i had a serious injury in my arm and many doctors told me that i will have to give up exercising for 6 to 12 month. So what happened? I was in the gym again 45 days after the injury and continued exercising up till today. A little part of the story is missing, i kept reading everyday for hours until i knew how to heal my hand in an extreemly short period of time and i managed to do it, In short, Knowledge is power! The more you know the more unshakable you will be

Do you want to stop encountering negativity?

So do you know how can you stop encountering negativity?
Just stop attracting it!

Some people are pessimists by nature but its you who is responsible for getting their negativity out. Even pessimists can be positive but you need to put them in a certain state of mind by being positive yourself, only then they will respond without putting you down.

For any of you who have ever experienced a mild disc bulge i have good news for you
I will heal that thing within few weeks and i will tell you how i did it after i do it.

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