How to stop worrying so much

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to stop worrying so much

How to stop worrying so much?
We all know that worrying can ruin our lives and make us feel miserable yet most of us worry all the time about everything that seems unpredictable.

The best way you can follow to stop worrying is to first learn how to worry more!! When you learn how to worry more you will get to understand the mistakes that you do that make you worry so much.

By learning how to avoid these common mistakes you will know how to stop worrying so much and you will live a happier life.

This is how to stop worrying so much

Here are the mistakes people do that make them worry so much:

  • 1) Searching for something to worry about: A friend of mine used to check the value of his sticks every few minutes then calculate the increase/decrease in the value. My friend was searching for something to worry about! The right thing my friend should have done to stop worrying is to check the value of his stocks less often or whenever he needs to take an important decision. Now when it comes to you, how many times do you chase similar data that ruins your day? how many times you check your mail? your Inbox or anything else that makes you worry more?
  • 2) Become emotionally attached: Once your become emotionally attached to one thing and overly dependent on it you will start to worry so much about it. I know its not easy to detach yourself emotionally and that's why the best thing you can do to stop worrying so much is to have backup plans and alternative paths. Once you have a backup plan in place you will become less attached to what you have and so you won't worry that much (see How to become strong in life)
  • 3) Pessimism and worrying: Did you ever realize that 90% of the things you worry about never happen? If you tried to keep a journal of the things you worry about so much you will discover that in most cases you ruin your life by worrying and in the end nothing bad happens! Pessimists worry more because they keep expecting the worse. If you want to stop worrying so much then learn how to be optimistic. I am not asking you to fool yourself or to live in a fantasy world but i just want you to realize that you are already fooling yourself by expecting the worse all the time
  • 4) Worrying and impatience: One of the best ways to worry so much is to become impatient. Impatient people keep chasing results all the time and they start thinking negatively when they don't find what they expected to find. If you want to stop worrying so much then you need to become patient
  • 5) Self confidence and worrying: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one of the main reasons people worry about things is that they lack self confidence at certain life areas. If you are not sure of your skill when it comes to doing something important then certainly you will worry so much whenever you have to do it. Improve your skills, raise your self confidence and you will stop worrying so much

How to stop the worrying habit

Worrying is like any other bad habit. You can't read an article about breaking a certain habit then stop it right away but instead you need to be a little patient until you gradually get rid of that bad habit.

It might take you some time before you manage to change your negative thinking patterns but if you persisted to the end then you will certainly stop worrying so much.

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