why was i rejected

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why was i rejected

What was i rejected?
Why didn't they accept me?
Why did she reject me?
Why i didn't get that job?

These questions sound familiar right? almost all people ask themselves such questions right after experiencing rejections especially if they weren't sure of themselves or their skills.

In one of my previous articles i said that finding the right reason behind a rejection can save your self confidence from being affected by that rejection.

If you answered the "why i was rejected" question incorrectly you might badly affect your self confidence and that's why i wrote this article to help you answer it in a correct way.

This is why you were rejected

I am assuming that you are already a good and skilled person because after all if the problem was a lack of certain skill then you shouldn't be asking the "why i was rejected" question but instead you should be working on developing your skills.

Here are many reasons that could let someone reject you even though you are good:

  • 1) Jealousy: Believe it or not but a person could reject you because he is jealous of you. If a person felt jealous of you he could treat you in a bad way just to make you feel bad. If you weren't confident enough you will interpret this rejection in an incorrect way by attributing it to your personal flaws and as a result you will lower your self confidence

  • 2) Insecurity: A friend of mine told me that she hates all new comers at her work because she fears that they take the lights from her or even replace her! People may reject you out of feelings of insecurity. The same could happen in a job interview if the interviewer felt that you can take his own position one day! this happens often with interviewers who aren't confident enough.
  • 3) You pressed the wrong button: People are completely different. What makes a person happy might not make the other one happy. Some people, especially women, might be turned off if you clicked the wrong button. Because people are different the wrong button for one of them might the right button for someone else. If this happened then you might be rejected even if you were really good
  • 4) Perception problem: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that i know many people who started treating others badly because they mistakenly believed that others ignore them on intention while this never happened!! if one day you didn't say hi to a person and if he wasn't confident enough he might believe that you did it on intention and as a result he might wait for the first chance to reject you!!
  • 5) They have issues: A man could reject you because he fears commitment as a result of the trauma he has been through after his parents got divorced while a women may reject you because she believes that all men aren't worthy as a result of the bad way her father treated her in the past . Many people have issues and they give their own meanings to the things that have common meanings. This private logic they think with lets them reject lots of people who don't deserve to be rejected (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood)
  • 6) Past unfinished business: I knew a girl who was very beautiful and who used to chase guys until they like her, after they do she just pulls away leaving the guy confused. Later on i discovered that she is insecure because she doesn't know whether she is really attractive or not and as a result she keeps testing her might whenever she sees an attractive guy (see The psychology of players

Rejection doesn't mean that you are bad

You are good!! if you believe in yourself then the rejections you faced might have nothing to do with you.

Some people are jealous, others are insecure while a third group have issues. It wont be fair to lower your self confidence if you got rejected by any of those people.

Have confidence in yourself and find the right reasons behind the rejections you got. Even if you didn't manage to find the reasons just know that in most cases they won't be related to you.

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