Why women reject me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why women reject me

Why do women reject me?
Why don't women like talking to me?

i get many mails from guys and men who say that women reject them all the time. When they run a conversation with a woman, even if it was a formal one inside work, they feel that the woman is not interested in them and as a result they don't feel confident around women.

there are many reasons that could let a woman reject a man and i am going to tell you about them in this article so that you can avoid them.

This is why women reject you

Before i can tell you why might women reject you first you must make sure that its not a perception problem.

In most cases people come to me with imagined rejections that never took place in real life then claim that women don't like them. Because your mind was designed to prove whatever beliefs you have true you will always interpret events in a biased way just to prove your fears right.

If you believed that women dislike you then you will interpret every action that you don't understand as a sign that women are rejecting you.

Getting over perception problems is easy, you just need to stop the habit of making new conclusions about your likability based on partial information that you got like a smile that appeared to be fake for example.

Reasons why women reject you

So what if a woman really rejected you? what could be the cause?
Here are some reasons that could let women reject you along with ways to get over them.

  • 1) Are you shaky?: If you believe that you are not interesting then most probably this will be reflected in your behaviour. If you were shaky, hesitant or afraid while approaching a woman then she will conclude that you believe that she is better than you and as a result she might reject you (see Why dont people respect you)
  • 2) She has insecurities: Believe it or not a woman can reject you if she has insecurities. In my article why are some people players i explained how people who don't feel secure or who have self doubts always try to attract victims to them in order to reassure themselves that they are worthy even if they were not inserted in them
  • 3) Confidence vs arrogance: Many people get self confidence wrong and become cocky when dealing with women and as a result women reject them. Women like confident men but most of them hate arrogant ones and as a result they reject them
  • 4) Desperation: Desperation is the number one reason that lets women reject men. Most women dislike men who appear desperate to know them, talk to them or get into a relationship with them. Once you appear desperate you will be rejected and placed on the woman's shelf where she can use you whenever she likes
  • 5) Attitude problems: For men, physical attraction is an extremely important factor that could be more than enough to motivate a man to date a woman. For women physical attraction is still important but there are many other switches that can turn them off. Say something that shouldn't be said or flip one of these switches by mistake and you're out of the game at least for a while.

Final words about being rejected from women

As you just saw being rejected doesn't mean that you are bad but it only means that you have done something wrong.

Fix your attitude, change the methods you use to approach women until you come up with the right way to approach them. Only then you will minimize the rejections you get from women.

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