Why don't people respect you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why don't people respect you

Why don't people respect me?
Why don't people treat me the way i deserve?
Why do some people disrespect me even though i believe i am worthy of being respected?

In my previous article how to overcome rejection from anyone i said that you must reply back to those who reject you by proving them wrong either by saying it directly or indirectly by taking actions.

In that article i was talking about rejections that happen to you because of the ignorance of others and not because of some mistakes you did but in this article i will talk about some mistakes you do that might be preventing people from respecting you or valuing you the way you want.

In this article i will tell you why some people don't respect you.

This is why some people don't respect you

How do you approach people? Do you approach them while feeling shaky? Do you hesitate a a lot? Does this hesitation appear in your body language?

People believe whatever they are told if the source delivering them the information was a trusted source. If you appeared confident people will believe that you are worth being respected while if you appeared hesitant they won't consider you a trusted source and they wont respect you.

Here is how you can make people respect you:

  • Walk, talk and approach them with tremendous confidence: People won't respect you before you prove to them that you are worthy of being respected. In the first few seconds of a meeting any person can tell whether you were really confident or whether you are not sure of yourself. How come you want people to respect you while you don't respect yourself? How come you want others to believe in you while you don't believe in yourself?
  • Tell them who you are: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people won't respect you before you tell them who you are. No you shouldn't talk about yourself but you should tell people who you are through the way you walk, talk, stand and deal with them. Let your eyes reflect the confidence that comes from your heart. Let your words reflect the strong belief you have in yourself and let your actions tell them who you really are. Only then people will respect you

This is how to make people respect you

Most people approach others while being hesitant and shaky. They become discouraged by negative signs they see even if these negative sings were imagined and they become encouraged when they see positive signs. (see How to become self confident)

If you want people to respect you then you must approach them while having one phrase in your mind "Let me tell you who i am", only then you will get the respect you want.

Some people approach others in such a way that shows that they are waiting for the result of an evaluation. That's why people get turned off by them and that's why they hardly respect them.

What i am trying to say is that many of the rejections you got in your life might be the direct result of your own self doubts which were reflected in your actions and behaviour. Had you approached those people differently they would have respected you and admired you.

The next time you approach a person put one phrase in your mind in order to let him respect you "Let Me Tell You Who I Am"

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