Why the same motivating sources can't motivate you anymore

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why the same motivating sources can't motivate you anymore

Remember how you felt the first time you heard that motivating song??
Remember how you felt the last time you watched your favorite motivational speech?

How did it feel like?
Now remember how it felt when you heard the same song or watched the same video over and over?

Most probably you discovered that the motivating sources lost their motivating powers as you used them over and over.

Here is an important fact you need to understand about the human mind: If an external source gave you some energy then you got exposed to that source again you will get a smaller amount of energy.

The more you get used to the source of motivation the more will it lose its effect. So the question now is, how can someone stay motivated?

Here is the quick answer, use more than one source to motivate yourself and keep changing your sources all the time.

How to stay motivated

You can get really motivated if you watched a video that delivers the same exact message that another video, that used to motivate you, delivers.

In other words you don't need new information every time in order to get motivated but you just need to get the same message delivered to your mind in a different way.

If i told you that bill gates failed twice before he succeeded you might get motivated but if i reminded you of the same story 2 days later then it might not have the same effect on you. Now if i told you another story that you have never heard of about a famous person who succeeded after few failures then most probably you will get motivated. (see 5 motivational stories about success in life)

Now if few hours later you heard a song that delivered the same message then you will get more motivated. The mistake people do when they try to motivate themselves is that they use the same motivational sources over and over then wonder why they don't work.

Have you noticed how religious books are written? If you read the Bible or the Quran then most probably you noticed that the same messages are repeated over and over in different stories.

Because the mind gets programmed by repetition the more you read these stories the more you get programmed by the principles those Holy books teach.

Find the sources that motivate you to reach your personal goals

If a song used to motivate you then you stopped listening to it for a while then there is a good probability that it will motivate you again if you heard it after some time but in this case the effect might not be as powerful as the first time.

Even though this trick might work its still way better to find new sources that can keep you motivated. These sources can be anything like songs, videos, books, articles, or speeches.

Make your mind about the goal you are trying to reach then keep looking for such sources to keep yourself motivated.

You must also understand that the external source's ability to motivate you depends 100% on your current beliefs. When people get depressed they think differently and as a result most motivating sources lose their ability to motivate them.

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