Why does my mood change throughout the day

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I was feeling OK but my mood changed

Why does your mood change all of a sudden?
Why do you sometimes wake up feeling good but few moments later you find yourself feeling bad?
Is there a way these mood swings can be controlled?

In order to understand why your mood can change all of a sudden you need to know some information about the way your mind works. The new information you come across each day plays the biggest role in changing your mood ,however, what's more important than the information you collect is the way your mind processes them.

Sensitive and insecure people for example suffer from more severe mood swings because the way they process information makes problems appear much bigger than they are. A simple piece of information such as "gas prices might go up" can completely swing the mood of a person who worries often just because of the way he will process this piece of news in his mind.

In other words you are the one who is usually responsible for the mood swings you get because of your unhealthy thinking patters.

Why does my mood change throughout the day

apart from the way you process information there are many subtle factors that can change your mood, here are some of them:

  • 1) Bad dreams that you can't remember: Ever went to bed feeling good then woke up feeling bad for no reason? In such a case a bad dream that you can't recall might have caused your mood swing. In addition if you slept beside a TV then your subconscious mind might have processed the bad news while you were asleep.
  • 2) Physical irritation: Physical irritation acts as a multiplier to bad emotions. If you didn't sleep well then you read an annoying piece of news then most probably your mood will become much worse than if you slept well that day. Don't you sometimes wake up feeling that you can't take anymore bad news even though the day is just beginning? Most probably you didn't sleep well that day. Its important to note that physical illness, dehydration and physical exhaustion can all contribute to excessive irritation which pave the way for mood swings
  • 3) You should be feeling bad: Most people keep their major life problems unsolved. Instead of trying to solve them they just escape from them or try to forget about them. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that ignoring your problems will only lead to sadness and depression. Now those people usually try to use quick fixes to improve their moods and to feel better. These quick fixes do work but when their effect ends they assume that their moods have changed while in fact their moods just returned back to the initial sadness state
  • 4) Double trouble: Your mood can swing much faster if you processed two different bad pieces of information in a short period of time. Some people switch on TV, grab the paper, make phone calls and check their bank accounts as soon as they wake up and that's why their moods change more often. If you have to check more than one source of negative information then make sure you leave sometime between those checks. The faster you receive negative information the more likely your mood will swing (see also Why do some people like bad news)
  • 5) You are visualizing negative scenarios: How many times you kept feeling bad because of expecting something bad to happen? When you become pessimistic you borrow negative emotions from the future and add them to your current mood. The result of such action is an unpleasant mood swing

Can mood swings be controlled?

The best way you can control your mood swings is to start working on a long term plan that can help you solve all the important problems that concern you. After all, its the reminders you get of these unsolved problems that swing your mood in most cases.

Don't try to control your mood swings using quick fixes because this strategy will only work for few days if not few hours then your mood will change once again.

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