How can negative thinking affect your brain, mood and body

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What the word "No" does to your brain

The advancement in brain scanning devices has allowed us to see what happens inside the brain during the different activities humans perform.

An experiment was carried out to find out the impact of negative words on the human brain and here is what happened:

The brain scanning device, which allows researchers to know which part of the brain gets activated when the person gets exposed to a certain stimulus, was placed above the heads of the human test subjects.

Suddenly these humans were presented with the word "no" on a nearby screen and guess what happened?

The brain functions, which includes the electric signals passing through it, were disrupted for few moments.

For the first instance you might think that a temporary disruption wont cause major problems but when you get to know that depression is usually the result of disruption in brain chemicals you will understand how severe these disruptions can be.

How negative thinking affect your brain,mood and body

The experiment was carried out using the word "no"!
Yes, those two letters caused all of the imbalance that happened in the brains of the subjects in the experiment, but what about the other negative words?

What about cursing? Swearing? or even worrying?
Those negative words and habits keep your brain's functions disrupted on the long term and can result in severe long term complications.

If you think negatively all of the time, if you read negative news all the time or if you worry often then you are at a severe risk of experiencing brain disruptions that can cause all kinds of unwanted emotions.

Negative thinking is not just a bad thing but its a destructive habit that can ruin your brain, body and overall health on the long term.

How to think positively?

Most people who try to become positive thinkers do it the wrong way and that's why they never succeed. Positive thinking is not magic and you can't just depend on positive thinking then wait for good things to happen but instead your positive thinking should stem from the actions you take.

Lets suppose that you were worried because you believed that you can't find a job, in such a case you might not be able to prevent yourself from worrying or thinking negatively.

Now what you need to do is to start immediately learning new skills that can help you become more qualified. In addition, you need to start sending your CV each day to few more companies.

After few days of doing these actions your mind will automatically be able to think positively since you now have a real plan to base your positive thinking upon.

Unless you take serious actions your positive thinking will be no different than day dreaming. (see also Why positive thinking can be dangerous)

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