Why positive thinking can be dangerous

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why positive thinking can be dangerous

No one can deny the benefits of positive thinking. Positive thinking will help you feel good, reduce your worries, become more creative and even have a better health.

So if positive thinking has all of these benefits then how come can it be considered dangerous?

The problem is not with positive thinking itself but its with the way many people get positive thinking schools!

Read this post to know how can positive thinking turn from a useful tool to a destructive habit!

What's your positive thinking school?

There are lots of positive thinking schools out there but one of the them is slowly becoming popular and its actually the most dangerous one out of them.

Its the "lie in bed then let the positive thinking do the magic" school. For the first instance you might believe that you have never followed this school but when you know that a great number of people who use positive affirmations and the law of attraction actually follow this school then you will see the real problem. Here are 2 examples that will make things clear:

  • Using positive affirmations to build self confidence: Many people who want to build self confidence use positive affirmations and do nothing else! Self confidence stems from your ability to trust your skills and thus in some cases you wont be able to build self confidence before you develop new skills. Now what some people do is that they ignore the "acquire the skill" part and just skip to repeating affirmations and as a result they end up feeling even worse! In the Solid Self confidence program i said that studies showed that people who repeat self confidence affirmations and do nothing else usually end up with a lower self confidence plus feelings of guilt
  • Misusing the law of attraction: If you saw the movie called the secret then most probably you will be able to recall the part when the child wanted the bicycle , visualized it then went to sleep only to find that his parent's bought it for him the next day! This part of the movie promoted the "go to sleep then let the universe do the job for you school!". I want you to go to sleep without preparing yourself for a job interview then see if the universe or any other universe can help you get the job!

The right way to think positively

so what's the right way to think positively?
You need to combine both positive thinking and actions.
If you have an important exam then in addition to thinking positively you need to study hard!

Positive thinking will work like magic when it's combined with hard work but when you sleep in bed then leave the job to positive thinking alone then let me assure you that you will get disappointed like never before.

This world was designed for doers. If you tried to complete a task without being positive then you might or might not manage to complete it but if you tried to complete a task by relying on positive thinking alone without doing any actions then certainly no angel will land from heavens to complete it for you.

If you want to see that white night who will save you from your pain then stand in front of the mirror and you will see him there.

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