5 reasons you are feeling bad now

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we feel bad

If you think the fight you had that morning with your boss or that unpaid bill which is due tomorrow are the only reasons you are feeling bad now then think it over.

Happiness can be described as the absence of bad emotions and while certain recent events, like the ones in the previous example, can spoil your mood still there are other long term factors that could be affecting your mood right now even if you weren't consciously aware of them.

In other words, just like the things you are aware of can make you feel bad the things you are not aware of can also be contributing to your unpleasant mood.

5 reasons you are feeling bad now

  • 1) Unmet goals and dreams: The number one unconscious factor responsible for bad moods is unmet dreams and goals. Do you remember that goal you always longed for? do you remember the dreams you previously had? If you think they don't affect now you just because life went on then you are wrong. Those goals and dreams lie at the back of your mind and are responsible for a great deal of your unexplained bad moods
  • 2)Fears and worries that you never dealt with: The most preferred method for dealing with fears and worries for most people is trying to forget about them, but because those worries are signals designed to stay there as long as you don't take serious actions they will keep you feeling down
  • 3)Carried over guilt: We all feel guilty for the bad things we do but just as there are clear events that cause guilt there are also other subtle ones that could be the reason for prolonged unconscious guilt. If you have been moving against your values since a long period of time or if you have been doing a bad habit since a long time then most probably you are living with unconscious guilt
  • 4) successful Self deception attempts: In many of my previous articles i explained how people sometimes deceive themselves in order to escape from the responsibility. A person who lacks courage to start a private business might claim that he is happy with his job even if he was miserable. Later on that person might believe the lie but his subconscious mind will keep him feeling bad because it can't really accept self deception
  • 5) Lack of understanding of your real needs: Ever tried to do everything to feel happy yet found yourself sad? did you ever wonder why you can't enjoy the things that should have made you happy? If this happened to you then know that you have a self understanding problem. What will happen if you drank when you felt hungry? Of course you wont feel satisfied. Real happiness happens when you understand your real needs and work on satisfying them properly

Take actions now

If one or more of the previous points describe your life now then you mustn't wait anymore. Start tackling these issues you left behind and you will discover that your mood is improving greatly.

It can't happen in a day or two, it can't happen without effort but the result is worth every drop of sweat you will shed.

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