What is the path to happiness?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why living in the moment can make you really happy

People who studied human behavior came up with a very interesting conclusion. The more you can focus on enjoying the current moment the happier your life will be.

If you were busy thinking about the long work day you will have to go through the next day while you were watching a movie then you are very less likely to enjoy the movie. On the other hand, the friend of yours who was more focused on the current moment than you will enjoy the movie way more than you did.

This finding is not uncommon and you might have came across it somewhere but the problem that people usually face is that those who write that conclusion usually fail to tell others how to really live in the moment!

Now you know that living in the moment can actually make you happier but how can you live in the moment? that's the one million dollar question.

What is the path to happiness?

Lets suppose that you tried to live in the moment on intention then suddenly saw something that reminded you of your unpaid bill, will it be possible to focus on the current moment?

Of course it wont be possible. Each day we get bombarded with thousands of messages that reminds us of our worries and that's why why fail to live in the moment.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that in order to be able to put these worries under control you need to have one of two things 1) an immediate solution (borrwing money to pay the bill) 2) or a plan that you believe in (negotiating delaying the payment)

without a solution or a plan its impossible to live in the moment and that's why the ultimate path to happiness is creating a solid plan that you trust for each of your important life problems.

Why most happiness schools lead to the wrong path

Lets suppose you heard a rumor that a serial killer is lingering in your neighborhood, in such a case you might worry about being attacked at night. The possible solution to this problem is to buy security alarms or special kind of locks that can't be opened by force.

The think positively and do nothing school will tell you that this problem can be solved by sleeping and hoping that the serial killer wont attack you but because the mind cant rest when its uncertain this school leads nowhere.

The "mediation is the ultimate path to happiness" school will tell you to meditate. The only benefit in this case will be dying in a relaxed state if the serial killer decided to attack you.

The law of attraction school will tell you to sleep and think about anything else other than the serial killer so that you wont attract him but again studies have shown that the more you try to suppress a thought the stronger it becomes.

So what's the best solution to life problems?
Its either solving them on the spot or writing solid plans to solve them if they can't be immediately solved.

Only then you will be able to enjoy the current moment without worrying so much about the future or thinking about the past.

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