How your emotions change your perception of the world

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we sometimes see the world differently

Do you know that a person's current mood affects the way he judges others?
Do you know that a person could judge you differently if his mood changed?

Human perception of others is not constant but it changes according to many factors and one of these factors is the person's mood.

When our emotions change different chemicals are released into our bodies, these chemicals force us to see the world through a new lens and as a result our perception changes.

In my book Attraction psychology explained i explained how women change their opinion about men's physical attractiveness during different stages of their menstrual cycles.

The hormonal changes that take place inside their bodies force them to perceive attractiveness differently.

In short the way we see the world at a certain moment is greatly influenced by how we feel during that moment. (see also How perception affects behavior)

How our emotions change our perception of the world

Here are few examples that show how our emotions change our perception of life events:

  • 1) Stress and annoying people: If someone asked for help more than once while you were relaxed then most probably you wont judge that person negatively however you are much more likley to label that person "annoying" if he did the same while you were stressed. Because stress makes people less tolerant the way they judge others change when they experience it
  • 2) Depression and negativity: During depressive phases people become more inclined to negative thoughts than positive ones. Expecting the worst, losing hope and believing that there is no way out are typical thoughts that depressed people get. Humor loses its effect as well because the way depressed people judge jokes become different as a result of their depression
  • 3) Disgust and Morality: One study have found that people who feel disgusted became more sensitive to what's morally wrong. In other words if a person became disgusted he might have less tolerance for what's not morally acceptable

How to make use of such facts

First of all you shouldn't feel bad if someone judged you incorrectly as you now know that people's moods affect the way they see the world. (see also Do we judge others fairly)

The second thing you should do is to be aware of the way people's moods change their beliefs. A person could keep telling you that you will fail in life just because he is depressed. In other words, before you put a weight to the words you hear make sure you understand the psychological state of the person saying them.

Finally you need to become more conscious of your emotions so that you understand how they affect your own perception of the world. If one day you felt down then as a result thought negatively quickly remind yourself that your current mood is the thing responsible for those negative thoughts before they turn into solid beliefs.

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