Do we judge others fairly?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you judge others fairly

You might think that you are a fair person when it comes to judging others but when you know more about the way our minds work you will discover that we become anything but fair when we judge the people we dislike.

As soon as you dislike a person, for a fair or unfair reason such as his skin color, your mind will quickly try to find you more reasons to hate him for just to prove you right.

Lets suppose that you hated someone because of his race; in such a case your mind will find it unethical to admit that you discriminate people based on their races and as a result it will let you focus more on the flaws of that person in order to help find you more reasons to hate him for. (see also Why we judge others incorrectly

Your mind will always want you to be right and as a result it becomes extremely judgmental of the people you hate in such a way that it makes you focus on their flaws more than you focus on the flaws of other people.

Note that i am not talking about the hatred you feel towards a person when he does something really bad to you but i am just referring to the people you dislike because of unfair reasons such as their race, gender, physical looks or skin color. (see also Why do people judge me)

Real examples of unfair judgement of others

  • 1)Attractive people get less severe punishments Studies have found that physically attractive people are more likely to get away with a crime if the crime wasn't related to physical looks. In other words unattractive people were more likely to be sentenced than attractive people. See why do people judge others on appearance)
  • 2) The mistakes of the people we hate are magnified: If a person we like made a small mistake we will quickly ignore it but if a person we don't like made that same mistake then we will dislike him even more. And because every person makes mistakes the people we dislike will fall out of favor even more even if we initially disliked them for an unfair reason
  • 3) We become more impatient with the people we dislike: If someone we dislike annoyed us in a way or another we will quickly lose our patience and start disliking him more. When it comes to the people we like we will usually become more forgiving and more patient

How to judge others fairly

These facts bring us to another very important point which is that the opinion of others ,especially those who hate you, has no real weight. The way those people put you under the microscope and the way they focus on your flaws will always let them find out a lot of flaws even if you were a real good person. (see also Why you shouldn't care about rejections)

Even the perception of physical attractiveness can change as a result of this judgement bias. In a previous article about attractiveness perception i explained how jealous people might find you less attractive than you truly are just because they are jealous of you.

Not all people fall prey to these mistakes. Those who educate themselves about the way a human mind works and in the same time decide to fix these perception mistakes usually manage to judge others correctly.

If you dislike the unfair way people judge others with then begin with yourself and judge others fairly.

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