Face Reading (personology): Ear Height

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology), Ear Height

What is meant here by ear height in face reading is the relative level of the ears to the eyes and nose.

Some people seem to have their ears positioned higher in their face in comparison to their friends. You can use the nose tip as a base line and see where the bottom of the ear lies in comparison to it. If the bottom of the ear is high compared to the nose tip then this person has high set ears and vise versa.

Ear Height Relevance in face Reading

  • High set ears: People with relatively higher ears usually receive information faster than others. I am not referring to intelligence here but rather to the rate with which they can adsorb new information.

    This person works well under pressure especially if he has a small eye to eyebrow distance. Note that when i talked about the eye to eyebrows distance i was referring to the speed of information processing and not the speed of receiving information.

    If you have high ears and a big eye to eyebrow distance then most probably you receive information quickly, but you will be suffering from a low information processing rate and may thus become frustrated.

    On the other hand if you have high ears and a small eye to eyebrows distance then you will be able to both receive and process information very quickly and you will be able to make very good decisions under pressure.

    This type of person is also highly practical and focused. He almost never buys anything that he does not truly need. During his work, he focuses on getting the job done rather than focusing on how to do it.

  • Low set ears: A person with low set ears has a lower rate of receiving information. Give him very fast instructions and he will be totally lost. Make sure you always give him instructions slowly and use diagrams whenever applicable when dealing with him.

    If that person has a big eye to eyebrows distance too then he will be slow in receiving and processing information and so you may find him the last one to finish work or to hand the exam paper.

    People with low set ears may be very idealistic, they focus on how the job is done in addition to focusing on getting it done.

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