Face Reading (personology): Eye Distance

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology) and Eye Distance

When talking about the distance between the eyes in face reading I am actually referring to the horizontal distance between the tips of your eyes.

This distance, in face reading, determines the person's concern for details. If the distance between the two eyes is small then that person may have a high concern for details while if it was large then this means that the person may be more interested in the bigger picture.

To check whether the distance is big or small you'll need to observe whether the distance between the two eyes is enough for a third eye to fit in . Try to imagine whether your friend can be an alien or not :) If the space is big enough for a third eye to fit then it's considered big and if not then it's considered small.

People with broad face tend to have big eye distances while people with thin faces tend to have small distances. That's why the first group is usually less concerned about details than the second group

Types of eye distance in face reading

Someone with a small eye distance: That person has a very powerful ability to concentrate. When he concentrates, he becomes very focused , hates to be disturbed and may easily become stressed as a result. That person has a deep interest in details. If you are telling him a story, then make sure that you include small details that other people may have no concern for. That's the beauty of face reading ! it teaches you how to deal with each person based on his specific personality

That person may also have low tolerance especially if he was emotionally sensitive. People with small eye distance may find it very hard to tolerate temperature changes, traffic jams and external influences. This low tolerance acts as a multiplier to external stressful influences which in turn results in making them angry more often.

Someone with a large eye distance: This person may have trouble concentrating for long periods of time. He is relaxed by nature and doesn't care much about small details. He only focuses on the big picture and this might make him a good manager.

Try focusing on the facial features of the managers you meet and you will notice how almost all of them fall in this category. Managers usually have broad faces because a broad face makes it more likely for a person to have big eye distance. Such a person is much more tolerant than the person who has small eye distance. he can bear external influences without having a lot of problems.

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