Face Reading (personology): Face Shape and Profile

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology): Face Shape and Profile

  • Broad face in face reading: In face reading a broad face means that the height and width of the face are very close to each other in length. A person with a broad face is confident by nature, unless he has lost his self confidence somewhere through his life.

    When i say confident by nature i mean that this person feels more confident than others especially when facing new experiences. This person has also got good influencing abilities. He usually has a relativity larger distance between his two eyes (high tolerance) because of his broad face.

    This person may not be interested in small details but would rather be interested in the bigger view or the full picture. For example, when telling him about a car accident don't bother telling him about the car colors because he wouldn't be interested, he may not be even interested in the car types. A person like that would make a good manager and that's why you will notice that most managers are broad faced.

  • Thin face in face reading: The thin face is easily noticed because it appears to be longer than normal faces. People with thin faces have long faces that have low width compared to their height. A thin faced person is confident by experience and not by nature. This means that when trying something new he may feel afraid or anxious. If he has a small eye distance in addition to a slim face then he may be interested in small details. The main challenge concerning thin faced people is fear. Fear is a very big part of their lives and this may motivate them stick to a certain comfort zone and stay away from adventures.
  • Balanced face , Neither slim nor broad: In face reading whenever someone falls in between two major categories then this means that this person has balanced personality traits. For example the person who has a face that is neither slim nor broad has a balanced approach towards fear and the love for details
  • Round face: People with round faces are friendly by nature; they like social gatherings and provide a nice company. When intending to ask for help head for the round faced person because he may be friendlier than the other people around.

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