the importance of having a vision

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the need for a vision

Imagine that you lived many years before digital cameras were invented and that your goal was to have your own company that manufactures cameras. What would have happened to you if you succeeded in reaching your goal then suddenly digital cameras appeared.

What would have happened to your business then?
In such a case your business will either go bankrupt or will either suffer for many years until you replace all the manufacturing equipment that you have bought to suit the new change.

So what was your mistake in here? Its just the external conditions that changed and you are not to blame, right? Actually no, you could have had a vision.

what is a vision

A vision is an image that you have in your mind of the expected future of your business, of yourself or of anything that is yet to happen.

In the previous example of the camera manufacturing plant you could have had a vision that digital devices will take over mechanical devices and so sooner or later a digital camera would have appeared.

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The importance of a vision

A vision have got two main uses, the first is to inspire you because its an image of something that you want to reach and the other use is predicting future changes.

how can I build a vision?

You may be wondering how can you expect future changes? The answer is simple, you can build a vision by reading more about history. Reading about the past changes and how did they happen can help you create a good vision.

What if my vision was not true?

No one can expect the exact future, but having a vision will at least make you prepared. Instead of just being taken by surprise at least you would be accepting the idea of change. Understanding that things does not stay constant will make you ready for facing them.

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