How to know if someone likes you romantically

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Unconventional tips for knowing whether someone likes you or not

One of the main reasons this website became popular are the articles I wrote about knowing whether someone likes you or not. In my previous articles how to know if someone likes you Part I and Part II I explained how various conscious and unconscious signs could show that someone is interested in you.

In this article I will talk about a very special sign that very few people know about and that can help you know whether someone is thinking about you all day or not.

How to know if someone likes you romantically

I have mentioned earlier that your brain always tries to match what it sees in the real world with its beliefs before it sees the real thing.

This is the main reason you could read a miss spelled word without even noticing and it’s the main reason you might believe that a wooden stick was a snake for few moments.

This means that if someone thinks about you a lot then he will see a lot of people who look like you. If someone told you that he saw someone who looked like you or that he was about to say hi to someone else thinking that he is you then this means that you were occupying a big part of his thoughts.

Now if this happened more than once with the same person then know for sure that this person thinks about you a lot.

Matching the outside world with the internal world

A person might be thinking about his horrible boss all day and so sees lots of people who look like him in the street but if you have done nothing bad to someone and still he sees people who look like you then there is a big possibility that he really wants to bump into you.

When we want something or when we fear something we might confuse it with similar objects (Remember the example of the snake and the wooden stick?)

You must put in mind that this sign alone might not tell that this person thinks of you in a romantic way but at least at means that there is a great amount of interest he has towards you.

The best way to know whether someone likes you or not to look for many signs and not just one so that you don't get incorrect results.

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