How to stand again up after falling

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stand up after falling

how can you stand up after falling?
I am not talking about sport related injuries but i am talking about all setbacks that you might face in your life.

Since 1999 i have been exercising regularly for 3-4 times a week. For me exercising is the air i breath. Whenever i am pressured, stressed or not in the mood i hit the gym only to come back feeling great.

yesterday after 13 years of commitment to weightlifting i was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back and i was asked to give up on weight lifting, in other words, i was asked to stop breathing.

For some people weight lifting might sound like an unimportant activity but for me its a part of my life and i can't give it up.

You can imagine how devastated i felt when the doctor told me that i should give up on weight lifting.

However, i thought that this might be a perfect chance to prove all my teachings true and to be the perfect example that encourages everyone who fell down hard to stand up again.

If you feel like you have fallen down then read this post to know how to stand up again.

How i decided to stand up again

The moment the doctor told me i have to give up weight lifting i left him for another doctor. I heard the same thing from the 3 different doctors i met in the first 48 hours after the injury but suddenly i remembered something....

The response you get from a person is extreemly dependent on the way you approached him (see Communication skills tips). So instead of accepting what i was told with defeat i went to another doctor and told him "i know that you will ask me to quit but for me this is not an option, instead, help me get back to exercising in the safest possible way while putting in mind that quitting is an option"

Only then the doctor responded by saying that there are some exercises that i can do but with caution. The range of exercises that i was prevented from doing was very large. I discovered that i cannot train half of my body while imposing these limitations on myself. That's why i felt sad and left.

In the night i decided not to give up and to find out ways to do the exercises i used to do but in a safe way. After spending lots of hours in front of the computer i came up with safe alternatives to most of the exercises i used to do and i felt way better.

Next morning i had this status on my personal Facebook:

"If my right hand was the only limb that i can move, i will crawl over it until i reach the gym and i wont quit exercising.

For those of you who will tell me we want your good and that you have to stop, please keep the advice to yourself, you will be much more helpful by staying silent, i made my mind already"

By today i already have a solid plan that involves weight lifting, swimming, life style changes and physio therapy. Not only i stood up again after i fell but i decided to be the live example that gives hope to all people with back problems. (see also How to boost your mood instantly)

How can you stand up after falling

So what's the formula that helped me stand up and what's the formula that you can apply to stand up whenever you fall??

  • 1) Challenge known facts: When the doctors, especially the experienced ones told me i have to stop i believed them for hours but after sometime i decided to challenge them. After few hours of searching i discovered that Ronnie Colman, the world's body building champion, had a herniated disc in 1996 and in spite of that injury he didn't quit! That's a simple example that can show you how the facts and the whole world can be wrong. There is nothing on earth that can stand in the face of a person who decided not to give up (see How to do the impossible)
  • 2) Take quick actions: I received the MRI result 48 hours ago. By today i have an almost complete exercising plan that i will follow until i heal. Its worthy to mention that i was feeling horrible until i started searching for alternative exercises. Take actions as quickly as you can and you will stand up again after facing the worst setbacks ever (see How to become unstoppable)
  • 3) Know that there are exceptions: For every rule there are exceptions. Even if experts are right still they can be wrong in some cases. Instead of accepting defeat why don't you be that exception? (see Why experts are wrong)

I hereby decide that i will do the impossible: i will have a perfect body in spite of that injury i am suffering from.

Don't ever give up...
Fight back..
This is how to stand after you fall.

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