Love and the law of attraction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Your thoughts can attract people and events

Why do we encounter the things we think of more often?
Why do likes attract?
and why do we sometimes find a close friend calling us shortly after we think of him!

Thoughts are nothing but chemical reactions happening in the brain. The way you think results in certain chemical reactions that generates heat. This heat makes the molecules of the air around you vibrate with a certain frequency and this results in attracting whatever vibrates with the same frequency.

love and the law of attraction

Before you know how can you use the law of attraction to attract someone you must first know why do people fall in love with each other.

People usually fall in love with people who are similar to what they like about themselves and different from what they don’t like about themselves. For example if a girl lacked self confidence but in the same time was very intelligent then most probably this girl will seek a confident and intelligent guy. (Of course love psychology is not that simple, for more information check out the psychology of falling in love section).

After knowing the previous information you may have already guessed how the law of attraction comes into play. If you didn’t guess yet then take a look at the following items:

  • Having the same interests: if you have the same interests as another person then most probably this will increase the chance of letting him get attracted to you
  • Similarity:being like the person in the tings he likes about himself will increase your chance of attracting him
  • hating the same things:hating the same things a person hates may give the law of attraction a further push
  • having what he needs: If you managed to show a person that you posses the traits that he needs then he will become attracted to you for certain

will thinking of a person attract him?

If I were you I won’t depend on that. If we can get everything by the law of attraction alone then we would have left our work, our duties and just depended on our thoughts.

Yes the law of attraction is there but without real actions you will only attract more day dreams.

Similarity, familiarity and attraction

Studies have found that the more a person gets exposed to another person the more he gets used to him. People were found to like those who have attractive facial features because their brains spend less energy processing their faces. Usually people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more attractive because of that same concept.

The more a person becomes familiar to you, as a result of seeing him often, the less processing power is required to render a picture of his face and the more attractive he becomes.

This means that you are much more likely to fall for a person you see often than a person you rarely encounter even if he was very attractive. Studies show that most people fall in love with those whom they encounter often or those who live near by them.

So back to the law of attraction, if you want it to work for you in a relationship then you must make sure that you appear more often so that you became familiar to the person you like.

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