Self Confidence and Knowledge

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When Words Reflect Confidence

One day, Tom and Paul decided to go to the gym together. On their way, they met Sam who is one of their old friends. During the conversation, Sam asked them, “why do you go to the gym everyday?“

Tom replied, “well, you know, it's healthy and it's better than having nothing to do”. Tom didn’t seem to be that confident while replying; he was a little confused because he was sure that the gym was very good for him however he found nothing to say.

On the other hand, Paul replied, “Working out improves my mood, prevents many diseases, makes me look better and even raises my immunity. Why not go then?”

Sam found Paul talking in a much more confident way than Tom did to the extent that he decided to join them.

Self Confidence and Knowledge

Why did the guy decide to join them??
Do you think Paul was more confident than Tom?

The answer is no. In fact Tom is much more confident but when it came to that particular question Paul had a very strong advantage which is the advantage of knowledge.

Even if you believe in what you are doing you are never going to be that confident about it unless you know exactly why are you doing it. Suppose that you like to do something that can appear weird like drinking tea while working out.

If someone asked you "what you are doing?" you will be much more confident if you said that hot drinks in general increase the body's metabolism while cold drinks may decrease performance as they decrease the body's metabolic rate.

You can even say a better reply like ”because I like it” and this is certainly going to be a confident reply too. In short, knowing why you are doing a certain think will make you feel much more confident about it.

Self confidence, self doubts and knowledge

Do you know that one of the popular reasons people lack confidence is being unsure of themselves?

Self confidence can be nothing more than knowing exactly the extent of your capabilities.

Knowledge can help you in this case as well. By learning how to acquire knowledge about your own skills and positive traits you will become much more confident.

Write down your points of strength, develop your skills and your self confidence will increase a lot.

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