poor self image and lack of self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

self image and self confidence

One of the strongest reasons that could make someone lack self confidence is
Putting much weight to looks while in the same time not liking his own looks.

Yes, looks may be important but it’s never everything. Think of all the qualities that you have as a package, this package may contain items that have points of strength and points of weaknesses but when it comes to evaluation the whole package should be evaluated and not just one item (which is looks in this case).

putting much weight to self image

We have been brought up in way that thought us to give a big importance to the appearance of things rather than their true value and based on these teachings some of us started to like themselves because they look good and others started to hate themselves because they thought that they didn’t look good.

Know that you are not your looks. Looks are just one of your qualities. Know that you will never be a confident person unless you reduce the weight that you put to your looks in your evaluation system. Only then you will be able to know your real value.

how to do it

you can reduce the weight you put to looks by training, whenever you start to think of yourself in a bad way because you don’t like your looks just discard the idea and even challenge it.

Challenge it by saying that looks is only one item and not everything. Challenge it by saying that your package as a whole is a good one and that looks wont affect your whole valuation much. Keep on challenging these ideas until you unlearn this pattern of thinking. If you succeeded in doing so then you will be confident even if you were not that handsome.

End the loop today and become more confident

Many people who have a self image problem back off by avoiding social situations all together and this increases their self image problem even more!

The right way to solve such a problem is to approach more people and to develop the skills that will enable you to communicate with them perfectly so that you slowly get to realize that you do not look like the picture you have for yourself in your mind.

Some people start to discover that they are actually attractive after successfully attracting people to them. In short if you avoided facing the problem you will live with it! while if you faced it you are very likely to end it.

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