self confidence fields

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you lack self confidence?

Do you lack self confidence although that you are successful?
Have you reached a good position in your job, career or life but still you don’t feel that confident in some situations?

If your answers were yes, then most probably you don’t know about self confidence fields.

self confidence fields

One important fact about self confidence that many people aren't aware of is that its divided into fields. You can be confident in one field yet lack confidence in another one.

For example you could be a famous athlete with much faith in your ability to win a race yet you may in the same time fear public speaking. That’s why in spite of making great achievements at one field still you may find that you are lacking confidence in another one.

Examples of self confidence fields

The problem with self confidence fields is that they may not be that apparent to you. You might feel that you lack self confidence at a certain situation without finding a possible reason.

In such a case your problem is very simple. You just need to search more to find that specific field that is responsible for your overall lack of self confidence.

The following are two examples that can show you how self confidence fields affect your life:

  • A person who has a self image problem might think that he looks ugly and that might be the main reason he feels so anxious and terrified while speaking in public. At this point he might believe that he was afraid because he was not sure whether he can deliver the presentation in a good way or not while in fact his self image problem was that main cause behind his fears.
  • A person who is very successful in his career and who has poor social skills might feel overconfident while being at work but when it comes to social gatherings he will feel much less confident compared to other people.

How to improve my self confidence at any situation

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that most of us make the same big mistake which is thinking that we are only good at using computers if we use computers well.

If you examined the skills that made you a good computer user you will discover that your use of computers reflects many good personal traits that you posses. For example if you learned how to use computers alone, then you may be a persistent, fast learner and an intelligent person.

When dealing with people remembering the fact that you are good at using computers wont make you feel confident but if you remembered that you are persistent ,fast learner and intelligent person then most probably you will feel much more confident.

Because you remembered your good traits instead of remembering your skills you felt more confident in yourself.

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