How can i become self confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be a confident person

I have said earlier that depending on your achievements to feel confident will result in a yo-yo like self confidence.Life moves in cycles and because of that fact your self confidence will keep going up and down based on how life is treating you

So how can a person feel confident with disregard to his achievements?

Let's suppose that you get high grades each year. Should you write these facts in order to feel confident? No because by doing so you will be building your self confidence upon a shaky foundation.

The right thing to do in such a case in order to become confident is to write down the personality traits that lead you to reaching those achievements. While achievements can be lost anytime the personality traits will always remain there and so you will have a much stable self confidence by depending on them.

How writing down your good traits can increase your confidence

In the previous example i said that you should write the traits that helped you get promoted or get high grades. Those traits could be intelligence, persistence and patience.

The advantage of what you just did right now is that it will help you think about these traits in other life fields. For example instead of thinking that you are a loser at other life fields you will now understand that you have many personality traits that you can use in these fields such as intelligence and persistence.

When thinking using that new pattern many of the words that used to decrease your confidence will actually make you more confident now. For example instead of calling yourself a geek because you get high grades you can now remind yourself that you are brilliant whenever the word geek comes to your mind. This won't only improve your self confidence but it will help you improve your poor self image.

Why you must write down your traits

You might be wondering why i am asking you to write down the traits instead of just becoming aware of them?

The subconscious mind was found to absorb information in a better when its written. This means that writing can help you turn whatever you write into solid beliefs.

Another interesting study found that the person who writes down his goals becomes more motivated to reach them than the person who doesn't.

By writing down your good traits they will get absorbed quickly by your subconscious mind and they will certainly increase your self confidence.

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