The Network of Thoughts and Thought Control

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What Is the Connection?

One day while driving to work I was thinking of a problem that I had at work and of the way i am going to tell my boss about it. When I thought of my boss I found myself thinking of how a person should be like in order to be a manager.

I thought that a managerial position would require lots of soft skills. When I started thinking of the required skills I remembered the educational center that resides beside my own house and i told myself that its a good place to develop communication skills. One of its disadvantages though, was a very unfriendly secretary that I couldn't stand....HUH?

Wasn't i thinking about my work problem? so what brought the secretary to my mind now? Why did i think of my house and all of these other irrelevant stuff?

The simple answer to these questions is that all the information in our minds is connected and linked together.

The Network of Thoughts

All of your thoughts and ideas are connected together like the network in the following diagram. of course this is just a simple representation using a simple 2D diagram and it can never be compared to the real network in your mind. This simple diagram can help you in understanding how your thinking process works.

Point one was the starting point of my thinking process. It was the work-related problem I was thinking about. However, when I reached point two and thought of my manager, I found crossed lines which could either lead me to continue thinking about my problem or to think about management in general just like I did.

I kept thinking of management skills without turning or taking a new route until I passed by point three where I continued the thinking process as it was previously described.

What changes the thoughts?

As you can see, a thought can accidentally and unintentionally lead you to another one without noticing it. As you can see from the diagram, this can happen when new routes and paths appear.

New routes can appear by two methods: either by remembering something that is associated with that particular articular thought (like when I recalled management skills after thinking about my manager) or by receiving an external input.

That’s Why Bad Thoughts Attract More Bad Thoughts

I am sure that you have already noticed that when you become pessimistic you find that your bad thoughts are increasing exponentially. This can easily be explained in the light of the previous diagram.

Because all of the routes you are moving in are negative, you will only think about negative thoughts. In order to think positively you must first discard all of your current thoughts and focus on starting from a new and a more optimistic point in the network.

If you failed to do this then you can use an external input to force yourself to move to a new starting point. For example, you could listen to some motivating music.

What’s the Use of All That?

Understanding this theory brings two very good benefits: first of all, by correctly choosing your external input (the music that you listen to, the movies that you watch, the places that you go to) you can end up thinking only about positive thoughts and avoiding bad ones.

The other use is being able to lure the person you are communicating with to speak about a certain topic. By visualizing his network of thoughts in your mind you can actually direct him to move in the route you want.

For example, If you talked to that person about Valentine’s day then most probably he will get into the relationships route and he might start talking about his current relationships.

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