Controlling Someone’s Thoughts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Controlling Someone’s Thoughts

After learning about how thoughts change inside the mind you can make good use of this information by learning how to force someone to think about something without asking him directly.

You can change the topic of the conversation without letting the other person notice and so let him tell you the information you want to know without appearing curious. (If you didn’t read the first part of this article then take a look at it here.)

In certain situations you might need to make another person think of something without asking him directly. For example when wanting to remind a friend of yours of a loan he took from you without embarrassing him then you will need this technique.

How to Control His Thoughts

Before you can do this, you really need to have a solid idea about that person’s background, beliefs and values so that you could predict what thoughts will come to his mind when you mention a certain keyword.

Now suppose that this person took a loan from you on the fourteenth of February (Valentine's Day). If you started by talking about how good those flowers over there look, his mind will wander in a certain route.

At that point, he will start to think of flowers, then you can talk about the Valentine's day which is a topic that is related to the flowers.

At this point he is very likely to remember the loan he took from you. If This method didn’t work you could just try using a different route like asking him about his girlfriend. Again, this may make him think of the Valentine's day and so remind him of your money.

Is It That Easy?

Before i tell you whether this process is easy or not let me ask you a question.
Imagine the amount of power you will gain if you managed to control someone's thoughts. Isn't that worth paying a little price?

Now lets move to the other question, Is it that easy to control someone's thought? To be honest, no. But can it be done? Definitely! You just need to collect more and more information about the person and you need to learn how to draw an imaginary map in your mind of his own thoughts network. As time passes, you will find that you are becoming more and more able of controlling and directing his thoughts to the direction you want.

Watching your own thoughts for a while will help you a lot. Our minds work the same and once you get an idea how the mind of any person wanders (you in this case) then you will become more able to manipulate the minds of others.

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