Why do men and women see colors differently

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do men and women see colors differently

No this is not a catchy title or a metaphor. Researchers have found that both men and women see colors a bit differently.

An orange will appear redder to a man than to a woman and grass will appear yellower to a man than to a woman.

It was found that women were better at differentiating between close range of colors while men were better at recognizing fine details in a moving object.

But why do men and women see colors differently?
What could be the purpose of such differences?

The Possible reason behind this difference

Since the beginning of life men were supposed to be the hunters and women were supposed to be the gatherers. A hunter should be able to recognize a moving object perfectly in order to be able to escape from predators and to detect the pretense of animals that can be eaten.

Thus a man was designed with this additional feature so that he becomes able to see a chicken moving in between the grass and to run away from a tiger before it comes close to him. (see my book Scientific proofs for God's existence)

In modern days men are also supposed to provide security and protection. In my book The psychology of physical attraction i explained how women were biologically wired to become attracted to men who provide resources and protection.

That's why most women, even those who are not gold diggers, will prefer the man with higher resources whether these resources are personality traits or financial resources. (see also Does money attract women)

In order for a man to protect himself well he must be able to see the knife that is being thrown at him and to move away to avoid another man's punch. This is why men in particular were favored with this additional ability.

More differences between men and women

Another study has found that men are more able to detect angry faces than women. In other words men can sense threats in a better way than women and this makes them more equipment in dealing with them.

Women in the early ages used to be gatherers and because this task requires an additional ability to differentiate between good and bad food women were equipped with the ability to see colors in a better way.

A typical woman should be able to pick more fresh fruits and avoid less fresh ones by just noticing the color differences. In the modern age this ability is still needed since in most countries women are the ones who take charge of preparing food for the family.

Studies have also shown that women are good at detecting the sexual attractiveness of other women while men aren't that good at judging the attractiveness of other men. This difference enables women to find out their competitors easily so that they can protect their relationship. (see also Physcial attraction psychology)

Finally the conclusion we can make is that both men and women are completely different even though they belong to the same species.

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