Why do women like bad boys

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do women find bad boys attractive?

Ask any woman about the man she would like to be with and she will respond saying that he must be nice and caring. Wait until this women gets into a relationship and you will find her chasing a jerk who treat her badly and who even abuses her.

For the first instance this might seem confusing but when you get to know women better you will find that what they say is way far from what they do, Not because they are liars but rather because they don't quite understand how their minds works.

When a woman talks about her dream partner she uses her conscious mind but when she meets someone her subconscious mind quickly takes over to determine whether she will develop emotions for him or not.

So why do women like bad boys and get attracted to them?

A typical bad boy usually posses the following traits: He is Cocky, puts himself first, arrogant, does what he wants with disregard to the opinion of others, not by any means nice and mysterious.

Just like men are hard wired to get attracted to beauty women are hard wired to get attracted to masculinity. Unlike men, women respond to many cues across different domains and that's why they are more selective when it comes to mate selection. (see What turns women on).

Women interpret the traits of a bad boy as signs of masculinity and confidence, two things which attract women the most.

In my book, how to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people find others more attractive when they believe that members of the opposite sex want them as well.

Bad boys treat women badly and as a result send them the indirect message that other women are waiting in line in case they decided to leave.

Add to this the excitement that results from dealing with an unpredictable and mysterious person and you will quite get why this type attracts women. (see also Why being mysterious works)

The ethical bad boy

2knowmyself has always been against sacrificing good values for the sake of reaching other goals as this is called cheap success. That's why you should never treat women badly just because you want to attract them.

So can you become a bad boy in a good way?
yes you can!

Build your confidence and believe in your self. Don't be needy else you will push women away. Be more assertive and stand up for your rights. Be cocky in a funny way without hurting anybody's emotions. (see also Self confidence and attractiveness)

In other words, you can become a bad boy without being really bad and women will still get attracted to you. (see How to make someone attracted to you)

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