Self confidence makes you appear more attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can self confidence make someone attractive

Can self confidence make someone appear more attractive?

I am sure you have read somewhere before that a confident person appears more attractive to others. The good news i have for you is that this fact was proven true by an experiment that was carried out by some researchers.

Some men were told to wear Axe, a deodorant that is known for its ability to make men smell more attractive to women, and then some women were asked to rate their attractiveness.

A previous research has shown that the smell of a person affects his overall levels of attractiveness and because the researchers wanted to put that factor aside they video taped the men then showed the videos to women. (see also Smell & attractiveness )

By doing so they excluded the smell factor from the calculations. Guess what was the result?

The men who wore Axe were rated as more attractive by women even though they couldn't smell them!!

Self confidence makes you appear more attractive

Do you know what's the explanation?
Men who wore Axe felt that they are more attractive and that's why they acted in a confident way. This confidence in turn made the men look more desirable to women!

This experiment has proven that the more self confident a person is the more attractive he appears to be to the opposite sex.

Now how can you make use of such information?
In the Solid Self confidence program i said that unless your subconscious mind thinks that you are worthy you will never be able to feel confident.

In other words, if you didn't like something about your appearance then you will never be able to feel confident. Based on these findings the right way to build self confidence is to make sure that you like the way you look instead of looking for external acceptance.

Wear the clothes that appeal to you not the ones that are most likely to appeal to others. Walk and talk in the way that appeals to you not in the way that appeals to others.

If you managed to like your looks, the way you act and behave then you will be a very confident person with disregard to what others think.

Building self confidence the wrong way

Most people try to build self confidence by impressing others and pleasing them and that's why they fail to build confidence.

If you want to build self confidence then you need to impress yourself! You need to build the skills that makes you think that you are desirable.

Once you believe that you are attractive the whole world will reflect that belief back.

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