How to make him love me more

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make him love me more

This article is part three of the series written after the two articles How to make my husband love me more and How can i love my husband again.

In this article I will continue talking about the psychological findings that were discovered that can help you make someone love you more. Of course the more techniques that you use together the better will be the results you will get and the more likely you will be able to make him love you more.

Sexual attraction is very important

Lots of researchers and experts claim that love cannot happen unless sexual attraction is present at the beginning of the relationship. When you spend some time with someone you are sexually attracted to lots of hormones that make you feel good are released.

Usually the brain confuses this good mood with the presence of the person and believes that staying with that person was the reason for the happiness experienced instead of realizing that it was only sexual attraction that caused these emotions. (see Hormones that make you happy).

This means that, staying in shape, taking care of your body (whether you are a man or a woman) and losing weight if your spouse thinks that you are obese are vital ingredients for attracting people. By keeping your husband attracted to you the chemicals released in his body will make him love you more and they will support your relationship.

The smell really matters

Studies found that pleasant smells that induce happy emotions can be confused with love. When someone smells something pleasant his body will produce happiness hormones and if someone else was present at that time then the person might think that he felt good because of the presence of the other person.

In short if you knew that your spouse likes the smell of a certain perfume then make sure you put it on whenever he is with you and he will love you more.

Past fears and reassurance

When someone gets into a relationship he will usually fear that the flaws that were present in his old partner might show up again in this new relationship. For example if a woman had to breakup because her husband was not honest then her biggest fear will be finding that her new husband is not honest.

Our past plays a very important rule in our decisions because the emotions that we experience while taking decisions usually stem from past fears. Your goal is to find out your spouse’s worst fears and then work on reassuring him in an indirect way so that he loves you more.

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