How to feel confident around people and get over inferiority

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to feel confident around people

Who do some people feel inferior around others?
Why do you sometimes find yourself feeling anxious around strangers?
Why do some people feel less confident around others?

In my article inferiority complex psychology i explained how feelings of inferiority are developed earlier in childhood and how they are latter reinforced in adulthood.

A person who always feels inferior to others usually sees a distorted reality instead of seeing what's really going on. If you were one of those people then learning how to see the true reality instead of a distorted one can be a great step you take towards dealing with your inferiority.

In this article i will tell you how to feel confident around people and how to get rid of your inferiority.

Inferiority and feeling confident around people

4 different people had to meet each other for work related reasons. Sam, the first one, noticed how everyone in the room was elegantly dressed and as a result he felt inferior to them.

This inferiority Sam experienced was nothing more than the result of remembering his initial childhood inferiority where other kids used to bully him. Of course Sam didn't remember his inferiority on the conscious level else he would have had a clue about what was going on.

The same exact thing happened to Jake who felt inferior on noticing that he was the slimmest guy in the room. Justin, the third guy, felt inferior to others as well because he found them all good looking while he believed that he is not that attractive! (see also Physical attraction perception psychology)

Hans, the fourth guy, felt inferior because of finding that he was the shortest guy in the room!! (see also Inferiority and height)

Didn't you notice something?
All four people were feeling inferior to each other without realizing that each one of them had a different weakness even if it was not apparent to others.

The first step to feeling confident around people is to realize that even though some people might seem Superior to you because they posses something that you don't posses still you might appear superior to them as well because of possessing something that they don't posses.

This is how to feel confident around others

Each and every person experiences moments in his life where he feels inferior to others because of some reasons that might not be apparent to others.

An inferiority complex is the complex that happens when the person believes that he is inferior to others as a result of not being able to meet life challenges while feelings of inferiority are normal feelings that most people experience throughout their lives.

Of course not every person has inferiority complex but all people feel inferior from a time to time!

If you started seeing reality from this different angle you will certainly feel confident around others. Yes you might not be the tallest guy in the room but the tallest guy could be feeling inferior to you because you don't have belly fat.

People are different and each one has his own weakness. No one is superior to anybody and that's why no one should feel inferior to anyone else.

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