alfred adler organ inferiority

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Alfred Adler organ inferiority

Organ inferiority was a term coined by Alfred Adler ,the famous psychologist, to describe how people who found themselves born with certain psychical defects develop feelings of inferiority and start taking actions to compensate for their weaknesses.

For example Adler said that a person with weak eye sight might develop interest in visual things as a method of compensation and thus becomes interested in reading.

Its important to note that organ inferiority doesn't always lead to inferiority complex which is a disorder that happens as a result of improper compensation.

In this article i will tell you more about Alfred Adler's theory of organ inferiority.

Organ inferiority, inferiority complex and Alfred Adler's thoughts

Alfred Adler believed that inferiority complex, which is a disorder where an adult feels inferior to others, is only developed if the child was taught that his organ inferiority makes him less worthy than others.

For example, if a certain culture assigns better status to tall men then a short man might develop inferiority complex as a result of feeling that he is less important than others. Now if that same short man lived in a culture that made no difference between both tall and short men then he would have never developed inferiority complex. (see Attractiveness and culture)

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that organ inferiority never makes a child develop inferiority complex unless his society forces him to believe that he is less important than others.

Organ inferiority and compensation

Alfred Adler said that if the person managed to compensate properly for his inferiority feelings then he will pass through this phase successfully and become a mentally healthy person.

On the other hand if the person failed to compensate for his weaknesses he might develop an inferiority complex and believe that he is less worthy than others.

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