I am short help me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am short help me

Help me, I am short!

Sounds like a strange title huh?
I get lots of mails from short people who say that they need help to feel more confident because of their height. Is being short a bad thing to the extent that it can make a person lose his confidence?

And if its not a bad thing then why all of those short people say that they need help?
In this post i will tell you the truth about the connection between your height and your self confidence.

I need help because i am short

One of the readers of 2knowmyself sent me a mail telling me that he likes everything about himself except his height. He said that if only he was a bit taller he would have been really confident.

In my previous article about self deception i explained how millions of people use the "If only" statement in order to escape from the responsibility.

As a result of the way many people they were brought up they developed an inferiority complex where they believed that they are less worthy than others. (see Inferiority complex)

Of course most people would not dare to admit that they feel inferior because they lack courage and as a result those people try to find other excuses to explain why they don't like themselves.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that "I am short, help me" is one of the famous excuses people who already feel inferior use in order to escape from the responsibility and to feel good about themselves.

You don't need help because you are short

You don't need help because you are short, fat or black but you need help because your inferiority feelings made you believe that these reasons are preventing you from interacting with people properly.

Deep inside you there are feelings of inferiority that has nothing to do with your looks, gender or height but because you don't dare to admit this fact you decided to use your height or physical appearance as an excuse.

Certainly i am not trying to tell you that being shorter makes you more physically attractive but what i am trying to let you understand is that there are lots of confident people who are bold, short and fat while there are lots of people who feel worthless even though they are tall, slim and really attractive.

If you ever found yourself saying "Help me i am short" then know that Your feelings of inferiority is the main problem and not your physical height.

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