How can confidence be improved

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can confidence be improved

How can self confidence be improved?
is there a way to elevate self confidence or increase it?

Earlier i have said that each person sees the world differently according to his beliefs, background and past experiences. Two different people can go through the same exact event yet interpret it in a completely different way.

So what does this has to do with improving self confidence?
In fact you can improve your self confidence as soon as you stop putting yourself down by interpreting events incorrectly!

Improving your self confidence

Lets suppose that you think that you are boring, in such a case you will interpret all events incorrectly just to prove your belief true.

For example, if you met a person one morning and made him laugh because you said a nice joke you will quickly forget about this event and you wont recall it at all the next time you remind yourself that you are boring.

now if on the next day you met a person who yawned while you were talking then you will quickly assume that this is a solid proof that you are a boring person!!

you might now tell me that the person really yawned and that there is a possibility that you are really a boring person, in such a case i will tell you that you are being unfair to yourself because you completely forgot about the person who laughed at your words yesterday!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence can be improved by being fair when you give meanings to the situations you go through!

Perception bias and improving self confidence

If the previous case was a real life case then most probably you would have told me that the person who laughed at your words is a kind person who laughs at anything and that this situation is not significant at all.

In such a case i will reply telling you that you are not being fair once again because you decided to give different meanings to the situations you go through just to serve your false beliefs!

yes there is a possibility that a person or two finds you boring but its not fair to delete from your memories all of the situations where someone thought that you are interesting. (see How memories affect us)

If you want to improve your self confidence then you must improve your perception bias and come to realize that you interpret most of the situations you go through incorrectly!!

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