Why are some people boring

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are some people boring

Why are some people boring?
In fact there are no boring people but because of certain psychological factors we might find some people really boring.

So the question now is why do we find certain people boring and why do others find them interesting?

Lets suppose that you were eager to lose weight and that this was a very big concern to you, What will happen if you accidentally came across a diet expert on TV, won't you find his program interesting?

Now what if you were already very slim and you came across the same program, won't you find it really boring? Of course you will

So two different people can perceive things in a completely different way based on their own needs. The same goes for the people you deal with, based on your needs you might find someone very interesting while your friend finds him completely boring.

Understanding boredom and boring people

In order to find out exactly why do you find some people boring you need to know what boredom is.

Boredom is an emotion your subconscious mind uses to motivate you to move towards the things that can help you reach your important goals. If your subconscious mind found that you are doing something that won't help you reach your goals it will make you feel bored.

The main reason you find some people boring is that you have certain goals that those people wont help you fulfill.

A guy i know is interested in getting married but because of his psychological makeup he is only attracted to intelligent girls. That guy always find girls who are not intelligent boring.

In the beginning he never understood why things went that way but when he was informed about this theory he knew that his goal of getting married was a priority and that's why his subconscious mind made him feel bored whenever that goal wasn't perused.

Unmet needs and finding people boring

The more unmet needs and unfulfilled goals you have the more likely you are going to meet boring people. If there are 10 major important goals you want to achieve that are related to your social life then most probably any person who won't help you meet these goals will be considered boring.

On the other hand if most of your goals are met then most probably you are going to find most things interesting or at least not boring because your mind won't be concerned about unmet goals.

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