Tips for Long Distance Relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do Long Distance Relationships work?

Long distance relationships are relationships that involve two people living far apart in such a way that they become unable to meet except once every few weeks or even months.

There is a common belief that long distance relationships don’t work and while I am not completely against that belief still I am not completely with it.

The aim of this article is not to prove that long distance relationships work all the time but its aim is to explain the problems that sometimes accompany long distance relationships from a psychological point of view so that you can avoid them and help your relationship survive.

The Problem with Long Distance Relationships

When i talked about the psychology of convincing people i explained how the subconscious mind can be convinced to believe in something through repetition. The rule is simple,If you kept repeating a belief over and over you may eventually believe in it provided that you don't have opposing beliefs. (see Why affirmations never work)

This rule is true in relationships too. The more you see your partner the more you will become become attached to him and the more intense your feelings will be towards him. That's why you recover from a relationship that lasted for a week faster than a relationship that lasted for a year.

The problem with long distance relationships is that people don’t see each other for long periods of time to the extent that they sometimes experience weird feelings when they meet once again. In this case intimacy is reduced between them and they might end up having no emotions towards each other!

The internet & Long distance Relationships

When the relationship starts over the internet without even meeting each other the problem becomes bigger. Some relationships become solely based on the internet to the extent that each one of them never knows how the other looks like. Some people fall in love, suffer from pain and even become depressed after a breakup without ever seeing the person they were in a relationship with!!

The biggest problem with an internet based relationship is that when the couple meet in the real world they may discover that they have made a completely wrong choice.

This happens because of the violation of the subconscious criteria which is a list of items that a person must meet before you can fall for him. Since this criteria can’t be verified trough the internet the result is the termination of the relationship soon after the first meeting. (see the psychology Of Falling in love for more information on the subconscious criteria )

The internet is a good method to maintain your long distance relationship that started when you met that person in real life but it’s not a good place to start a new relationship.

Getting over a long distance relationship may be much easier than getting over any other relationship. If you were having problems getting over someone then make sure you check my book “How to get over someone in few days” which can help you get over anyone in the world in few days.

Long distance Relationships Tips

If you want to maintain your long distance relationship you should stick to the following practices:

  • See each other more often: See each other whenever you can, this prevents loss of intimacy
  • Video chat: Use a web-cam instead of ordinary chatting
  • Maintain intimacy: Inform each other about every single event that is taking place in your lives
  • Reduce the long distance relationship duration: Make sure that the long distance relationship is going to be a temporary and short period after which one of you is going to move closer to the other
  • Move!! Make clear plans to live together as soon as you can

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